I began practicing yoga 10 years ago at 20 years old. A close friend invited me to a Bikram yoga class. I left that first class feeling a mix of emotions - thoughts that included ‘what the actual fudge did I just get myself into,’ and ‘wow, I feel so good.’ Connecting with the physical practice of yoga (asana) helped me move from so much time spent in my head to living more fully from a heartspace. My first experiences with depression were very present during this time of my life. I felt unmotivated, uninspired and confused. I found myself questioning my overall existence and my purpose for being alive. Experiencing depression can feel so lonely. Stepping into a yoga class and diving into a home practice was my place of solace. I didn’t have to talk to anyone, yet I could still be surrounded by positive energy and thoughtful humans. Yoga communities quickly became my people. The environments that I have been drawn to simply due to the physical practice of yoga has contributed to my overall healing in the past 10 years. 


After many years of consistently practicing the style of Bikram, Vinyasa, and Hatha yoga, I embarked on my first official teacher training In 2017. I say official because I truly believe the personal discipline you have with your own practices teaches you so much. I love learning and will continue to invest in myself - however, at the end of the day you are your best teacher. Don’t ever underestimate the wisdom you have. Being a consistent practitioner of yoga gave me so much self awareness and knowledge for my body, mind, and spirit. I see all yoga teacher trainings and continual education as life coaching programs. 


The style of Yoga I predominantly teach is Integrated Vinyasa Yoga. This style was created by Gina Caputo, and it emerged from a desire within her to teach something that unified the polarity of alignment and flow, anatomy and energetics, engagement and relaxation, outer and inner, focus and release, structure and spontaneity, and work and play. Gina is one of many teachers I admire and deeply resonate with. Integrated Vinyasa Yoga is rooted in both yoga philosophy and in intelligent, natural evolutionary patterns. My goal is to always guide you safely and intentionally into your practice, which has the potential for powerful transformation. I want to empower you through guidance, authenticity, and trust. My classes are designed to be a journey home to the self. With this heightened awareness, you remember you always have what you need. You can go back to a blissful state of mind and being without any external resources. A practice helps you remember this. I believe the real yoga begins off the mat when you realize you do not need anything to reconnect to your soul, your truth. 

I consider myself a mental health advocate.  

My mission is to guide women who are suffering from mental and emotional pain back to personal freedom, trust and joy. The practice of yoga, meditation, breathwork and other practices and rituals have been my main tools that have helped my mental health over the years. My passion for guiding others in this way shines through my teachings. You can expect all level classes that are challenging and nurturing. You'll also explore simple breath work techniques. My classes are a fun vibe. You can expect to leave all guided experiences feeling grounded and with a greater sense of self acceptance and inner peace. Most likely you'll leave with some new favorite songs too. 


Experience & Certifications

E-RYT 200 Yoga Alliance with Colorado School of Yoga, Nectar of the Moon: A Lunar Arts of Yoga Continuing with Gina Caputo, ParaYoga Empowering the Heart Continuing Education with Rod Stryker, plus many workshops and retreats. 

Teachers: Gina Caputo, Julia Clarke, Rod Stryker, Evan Soroka, Arielle Shipe


My classes are a celebration and love of music. I believe music has the power to deepen you into your practice and inspire creativity, perspective and transformation. Music units us, and since the word yoga literally means union, I think the two complement each other quite well. In my classes, you can expect music that is uplifting, melodic, instrumental, harmonious and an inspiring vibe. Some of my favorite artists are Sol Rising, DJ Taz Tashid, El Buho, Lane 8, Nahko and Medicine for The People, Ben Howard, East Forest, Random Rab, Emancipator, Ambyion, Jon Hopkins, Rising Appalachia, Trevor Hall and Shallou.  

... and so it is ...