The Abundance Project

A group of women on a mission to help people tap into abundance through health, personal development, and empowered business. 


We enjoy spending a lot of time off-screen and in nature, or practicing yoga, exercising, meditating, preparing healthy meals, adventuring, community events, ceremony, and traveling the world. Each one of us strived to create a complete wellness program that embodies these fundamental topics of health: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual. 

Personal Development 

Real change starts within. When we actively feed our minds with positive affirmations, gratitude journaling, self-love practices, read empowering books, listen to podcasts and take courses, life begins to happen for you, not to you. The quality of your life is as good as your mindset. 

Empowered Business

The healing of the planet depends on conscious movements like the Abundance Project. Design your heart-centered business with the support of other like-minded women. Earn bonuses, commission, and residual income by supporting others in their entrepreneurial journey. We could all do this alone, but why would we?

We've partnered with the most researched nutritional health product in the world to add 25 years of value to your empowered business.

Not sure if something like this is for you? 


Are you looking to...
- Improve your lifestyle, health & happiness
- Introduce yoga, meditation & breathing techniques into your life

- Heal your gut

- Heal any mental illnesses

- Improve your relationship with food
- Learn all there is to know about nutrition
- Be kept accountable 
- Improve the appearance of your skin, hair & nails,
- Treat uncomfortable digestive issues
- Have a support group where you know you're not alone
- Or you just want to improve your general overall well being, feeling & motivation



Learn the full details about the 16 week wellness program here. 



Are you...

- In a job you don't love, but stay for the benefits?

(This business model has an amazing health benefits package for you and your family)

- Interested in starting your own business without all the expensive overhead start-up costs?

- Desperately wanting to make more money to support the lifestyle you've always dreamed of for yourself and/or your family?

- Wanting to be the driver of your own journey?

- Wanting to gain a better work-life balance?

- Looking for a group of like-minded women to fully support you and create solid relationships with?

-Do you want to live life on your own terms?

-Work when you'd like?

-Eat when you'd like? T

-Travel when you'd like?

Learn more here.